Bucket of Mud

Bucket of Mud

I have a bucket of mud.  This is special mud.  It has the potential to become something else, something new.

I filled my bucket with rocks and pebbles, bone dry scraps of Navajo Wheel clay.  Then, I added water.  I could hear the fizzing of the rocks soaking up the water and releasing little bubbles of air.  The rocks dissolved.  As the mud settled to the bottom of my bucket, I added more rocks and more water.  Eventually, my bucket was full of mud.

I’m turning this mud into workable clay.  The trick is to get the clay to the right consistency.  It has to be dry enough to hold it’s shape and wet enough to be malleable.  It takes the right mix of time and energy.

This is my first blog.  Like my bucket of mud, my blogs will take time and energy to develop.  Will they become brilliant inspiring works of art or overly glorified handicrafts?  I don’t know.  I invite you to join me as I find out.


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