Sim City Autumn Tournament

I’ve been playing Sim City.  I recently participated in my first seasonal tournament.

The seasonal tournaments are series of competitions over several weeks. Everyone who joins the tournament starts at the Neighborhood League. The top ten players get promoted to the next league.  The bottom 50 gets demoted. I made it all the way up to the Metropolis League, the second highest league.


Seasonal tournaments give extra prizes. The autumn season was giving out castles. Each castle gets progressively bigger as the player levels up in league.   I got five out of six of the castles; the  Old Town Stronghold, the City Fortress, the Countess’ Citadel, the Princess’ Tower, and the Royal Castle.  I missed out on the Imperial Castle.  I needed to at least get tenth place, but I ended up in 19th place.  Even though I didn’t win the top prize, I still beat most of the other players.


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