Daffodil Hill

Edward and I went on a photo trip to Daffodil Hill.

Daffodil Hill is only open a few weeks a year, weather permitting. Visit their website and call ahead to make sure the gates will be open.  Arrive there early for good parking.  Entry is free. Donations are welcome. They sell flowers at the gift shop. There’s a picnic area near the entrance. We ate at the snack bar across the street where they were barbecuing hot-dogs and hamburger.

Daffodil Hill is charmingly rustic.  While you’re there, you’ll defiantly know you’re way out in the country.  You might loose track of the time by a hundred years or so, though.

There are a wide variety of daffodils.  They are mostly yellow or white or a combination of the two.  They’re all beautiful.

There are also a lot of tulips at Daffodil Hill. While most of the daffodils are in the fields, there are planters full of colorful tulip accents everywhere.  It seemed like every time I found a good shot of the flowers, a crowd of people would line up behind me to take the same picture.


I got plenty of pictures of flowers from this trip.  I even edited some of my images to make them look more like paintings.

Check out the rest of my Daffodil Hill photos on Flickr.


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