My Introduction to 3D Printing


I got JGAurora 3D printer a few months ago.  I learned a lot about 3D printers by assembling it myself.  It was like assembling a computer.  It comes with videos, a user manual, and Cura on an SD card.

I’ve already made a few upgrades.  I got a PRINTinZ plate for my bed.  I had to design and print a little stint to lift my Z-axis switch up by 4mm to get the plate to fit.  The plate is very smooth, so the prints come out significantly smoother when I was using blue tape.  The filament sticks to the plate better and pops of the plate easily.  I also made a spool holder.  The spool of filament rolls very smoothly on barrings.  I might add a few more upgrades later.

I’m starting to develop a work flow.  First, I use a program called 123D Design to design my 3D objects.  After saving the objects as STL files, I use Cura to generate the G-code files.  I save the G-code on and SD card.  The SD card is inserted into my printer.  After that, it’s just a matter of picking the file to print from the SD card.

Bot on a Scanner

You don’t have to be a 3D designer to get into 3D printing.  There are sites where you can shop for the files or even download them for free.  Thingiverse, for example, has a 3D printing community where people share designs.  So far, I’ve printed The $30 3D scanner V3 by daveyclk and Jointed Robot by Shira from Thingiverse.  The scanner is a turntable with a spot to hold your phone.  It’s used in conjunction with 3D imaging apps to stitch multiple pictures of an object together to create a 3D image.  I haven’t tried it yet, but the scanner has a lot of good reviews.  I made the robot to get a better idea of how I might make joints in future projects.  It’s good to see how other people put their designs together.  I haven’t posted much on it, but if you’re interested, you can follow me on thingiverse here.

It’s so fun having a 3D printer.  I have been into arts and crafts all of my life.  There is only so much detail you can get with ceramics.  I like the precision of 3D printing.  I love how easily a piece can be replicated; the detailed memory of a piece stored on a tiny little SD card.  3D printing is awesome!


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