Salmon Falls Bridge

My husband and I went on a photo trip to Salmon Falls Bridge.  The wildflowers are in bloom.

Deanna at Salmon Falls

My first goal was to model shirt ring that I designed and printed.  My husband took this picture of me along the trail.  I had been trying to think of things to print with my new 3D printer.  I keep ending up with dresses that are too long, so I decided to print a shirt ring to help hold them up.  I use to use shirt rings in the 80’s to stylishly make my oversize shirts look more like they fit.  I used this image in my last blog post, My Introduction to 3D Printing, to help illustrate my 3D printing work flow.

I printed a cute little toy robot and named it Bot.  I thought that it would make a good subject for some photos, so I brought it with us on our hike.  Bot’s color is similar to our California soil, so it blended a little too well. Bot still made an adorable little model.

I got a new 12-50mm Olympus lens that can do macro and zoom shots.  I tend to take a lot of macros of bugs on these photo trips, especially in the spring.  Finding and getting clear shots of insects is challenging because they are so small and fast.  I brought the lens on our trip to Daffodil Hill, but there weren’t many bugs out that day.  There were more bugs out on the trail this time.  I like this lens because I don’t have to switch lenses as often.

Salmon Falls was lovely. The sun was bright and flowers were out. It was another beautiful spring day in California.


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